Ripple Mattress/Air Mattress


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Main Feature:

  • Supplied with an Air Pump
  • 10minutes alternating cycle
  • Puncture repair patch kit
  • Standard Bed size that is 6 by 3
  • Power: AC 220V/230 50Hz
  • Current: 0.5A
  • Noise: <40db (A)
  • S/No: 201806530

Ripple /Air Mattress

It alternates the pressure on the body.

the mattress includes an external pump that inflates air in the cells

Causing inflation of the mattress, allowing for pressure to alternate on the skin

Changes the weight bearing on a constant basis upon the body

Aiding in pressure relief and the prevention of bedsores

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Ripple Mattress

Ripple Mattress/Air Mattress


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