Ankle support Socks

It is a special designed socks that has can be used by anyone dealing with heel-related pain can benefit from using the elastic ankle support socks. The sleek design ensures it never feels awkward or bulky when being worn, while still possessing the qualities needed to ease heel pain. This is done by combining a protective tendon support along with an active gel pad that you can wear during the day, or when undertaking any form of exercise. The elasticity of the fabric keeps the heel area comfortably, but firmly, compressed to relieve pressure and pain.

Unique anatomical “ring” design conforming to the contours of the ankle and provides effective support around the ankle joint. Window section provides gentle comptression over the heel. Elastic nylon construction ensures compression and flexibility.

Everyday use. Washable.

General Specs

Colour             Brown

Gender            Unisex

Size                 All sizes

Product Features


  • Specifically designed to ease heel pain and provide compression
  • Combines a protective tendon support which can be worn daily
  • Reduce pain or friction caused by ill-fitting footwear
  • Ease discomfort caused by Achilles Tendonitis, Haglunds’ Deformity and Bursitiss


Condition that can be treated with this special socks

Ankle Sprain



Sport wear

Post operation application and rehabilitation

KSh 1,000.00


Ankle Support Socks

It is used to provides gentle comptression over the heel

elastic and flexible