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Drying Oven Kenya


DHG type electric heating oven drying oven maximum working temperature of 300°C.  It is suitable for baking, drying oven heating treatment or other heating, t is also a laboratory standing instrument.

The working temperature of the oven can be raised from room temperature to 30°C to the highest temperature. In this range, the working temperature can be arbitrarily selected After selecting, the temperature can be controlled by the automatic control system.

Drying Oven

A Drying oven is designed to remove moisture from the oven chamber so to dry the samples as quickly as possible. The drying oven process introduces fresh dry air to the chamber and expels the warm moist air simultaneously allowing to rapidly dry the samples. A drying oven provides high performance drying and heating. You will notice that drying ovens will be more expensive than a standard laboratory oven mainly due to the oven having drying capability that is lacking in a laboratory oven. A drying oven requires an airflow system that can extract moisture from the air and depending on your requirements, may or may not be required.

KSh 35,000.00


Drying oven Kenya

It is a type of low-temperature convection or forced air oven used

in lab.