Patient Monitor-Kenya

High resolution 15 inch big screen medical ICU patient monitor with 6 parameter, it is used to monitor vital sign for a patient.

Has 6 parameter,

ECG- It records electrical signal from the heart to check different heart conditions.

Respiration: monitor blood gases both arterial and venous, monitoring of brain  and organ oxygenation and perfusion and hemodynamics.

Temperature: It records the body temperature and saves the information.

NIBP: It measures systolic and diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure values and heart rate.

SPO2: Measures oxygen saturation in the body.

Pulse Rate/ Heart Rate: The number of heart beats per minute


KSh 100,000.00 KSh 120,000.00


6 Parameters

  • ECG

  • RESP

  • NIBP

  • TEMP

  • SpO2

  • PR/HR