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Ripple Mattress/Air Mattress

A ripple mattress is a special mattress type of mattress that works by inflating air in the cells and alternating the air to each and every cell in the mattress.

The bed-type medical air cushion is composed with two parts: main frame and air cushion.  The air cushion has two separate ballonet.  Under the control of the main frame every ballonet can touch a different part of the body every six minutes.  the fluctuation ballonet can expedite blood circulating to avoid the appearance of the bedsore on the patients who stay in bed for long. so that to cure the bedsore quickly or prevent the sore all together.

Bedsores properly known as pressure ulcers are caused by many factors such as unrelieved pressure, friction, humidity, temperature and medication.

bedsores are fatal however we can prevent it from happening by using a ripple mattress.

KSh 8,500.00 KSh 11,500.00


Ripple /Air Mattress

It alternates the pressure on the body.

the mattress includes an external pump that inflates air in the cells

Causing inflation of the mattress, allowing for pressure to alternate on the skin

Changes the weight bearing on a constant basis upon the body

Aiding in pressure relief and the prevention of bedsores