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Syringe Pump,

It is used to for accurate and continuous injection of drugs to patient in wards, operation rooms and observation rooms,

What does it entail: Battery indicator light, AC power indicator light, CD screen, Red alarm light, Operation indicator light, Set key, Power key, Eliminate alarms key, Start Key, Adjusting knob, Clutch button, Hold lever, Bolus key, Clear key.

How it works:

A syringe pump is a small, positive-displacement pump used to gradually transfer precise volumes of fluid. … When the stepper motor turns in the opposite direction, the pusher block moves such that the syringe plunger is pulled, thus drawing fluid into the syringe.
Connect to AC interface to power the machine, press the start up key button, the user can operate by using operation panel and adjusting the knob.
the syringe is installed by holding the lever of the syringe pump up to it’s top and then turn it, press the clutch button to pull it’s piston to the suitable place and put the syringe with liquid. pull the hold lever of the syringe pump up to it’s top and turn it clockwise by 90° and make it press the syringe, the indicator light will turn on select the injection mode. When the syringe is empty the alarm will automatically go on the user will shut down by pressing the power button.

KSh 70,000.00 KSh 80,000.00


Syringe pump

It is a special device

used to administer drug