When skin is wounded due to an injury, surgery, or other trauma scar tissue develops as part of the body’s natural healing process. Silicone Gel Sheet has been used for more than 30 years in the treatment of scars. When silicone gel is applied to a scar it spreads as an ultra thin sheet and dries within 4 to 5 minutes due to its self-drying technology. Silicone gel heals scars by increasing hydration of the uppermost layer of the skin. This facilitates regulation of fibroblast production and also reduces collagen production. Essentially, this allows skin to “breathe”, thus resulting in a softer and flatter scar.. Silicone gel heals scars by balancing the expression of growth factors. Certain growth factors stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize more collagen and other growth factors increase the level of collagen which break down the excess collagen. Silicone gel also regulates these growth factors to normalize collagen synthesis.It also heals the scars by protecting the scarred tissue from bacterial invasion. This is important because bacteria have the ability to induce excessive collagen production in the scar tissue. Silicone gel sheet have been used by Plastic surgeons and other health care professionals for decades. In Kenya, we are proud to have worked with the best Plastic surgeon by providing them with High quality Gel sheet.

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