Bedsores or pressure ulcers

It is a condition that develops when a person spends a long time in the same position

the sores forms due to lasting pressure on specific area of the body.

They form when tissues and blood vessels become compressed, then distorted

this can lead to poor circulation resulting in tissue death and infection.

Stages of pressure sores

The skin feels warm to the touch. There may be a color change, such as redness, and the area may be itchy.

A painful open sore or blister develops, with discolored skin around it.

The lesion develops a crater-like appearance, due to tissue damage below the skin’s surface.

There is severe damage to the skin and tissue, possibly with an infection. The muscles, bones, and tendons may be visible.


changing positions frequently, between every 15 minutes to every 2 hours, depending on a person’s needs

inspecting the skin every day

keeping the skin clean and dry

maintaining good nutrition

Quitting smoking and avoiding secondhand smoke

doing exercises, even while in bed, to encourage circulation



Anyone who stays in one position for a long time is at risk

spending a lot f time sitting in a chair or lying in bed

Wear a  prosthesis or surgical appliance

Wear ill fitting shoes or clothing with elastic

Common Location

Buttock and tail bone


Shoulder blades

Back of the arms or legs