Infant Radiant Warmer


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Main Technical Parameter

Model:  BN-100

Power supply: AC22V±22V;  50Hz±1Hz

Power input: 1000VA

Temperature control range: 32°C∼38°C at least

Temperature control accuracy ≤0.5°

Warm-up time ≤45min

Over temp alarm: 39°C (cut off heater power) Audible and visual alarm

Second heater cut-off device over-temperature alarm: 40°C (cut off heater power) Audible and visual alarm

Deviation Alarm: After the temperature reaches equilibrium there will be audible and visual alarm when the deviation is ±1°C

Sensor failure alarm: When the skin temperature sensor has an open circuit or a short circuit the heater will be cut off and an audible and visual alarm will be issued.

Power interruption alarm: Power interruption, audible and visual alarm

Uniformity of bed surface temperature: ≤2°C

Skin temperature sensor accuracy: ≤0.3°C



Infant radiant warmer

It is a machine that is design to maintain body temperature of a new born.

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Infant Radiant Warmer


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