Infant Radiant Warmer

Working Principle

Principle of heat radiation

When the heater operates, the reflect cover of parabola type radiates evenly the infrared light emitted by the heat source to the baby mattress or the baby’s skin to achieve the purpose of heating.

Operating mode: The infant radiant warmer has a skin temperature mode control temperature system which automatically controls the output of heat radiation according to the temperature detected by the skin temperature sensor.

Main Function:

Radiator: provides infrared radiation for the infant

Tray: for placing low pressure aspirator and nursing articles max weight 2kg

Baby bed: to carry the baby safely max weight is 10kg, it can be tilted according to the need of the care giver

KSh 270,000.00


Infant radiant warmer

It is a machine that is design to maintain body temperature of a new born.