Infusion Pump-Kenya

How an infusion pump works

Infusion is a method of putting fluids including drugs into the blood stream.

An infusion pump draws fluid from a standard bag of IV fluid and controls the rate of flow.

It provides accurate and continuous therapy, can use any size bag of IV

Fluids can be delivered at either very slow or fast rate


KSh 70,000.00


It is an infusion pump that can inject large amounts of medications and nutrients into the body of the patient. These pumps use to deliver large quantities of medications. In general, large volume pumps are the most modern version of the pumps and have innovative pumping features such as these have an alarm system in case something goes wrong. They also use one electronic peristaltic pump. The LVP controls via a computer-controlled roller or manual source.

Large volume pumps

Advantages and Disadvantages of LVP:

             Advantages             Disadvantages
These have the capability to deliver a large number of medications It needs large space for installation
LVP has the latest technology, such as it has an alarming system. If something will be wrong, then this alarm will start ringing. It has a large size