Manual Resuscitator


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Infant/Neonate                 Pediatric               Adult

Body weight                                 ≤10kg                               10kg∼33kg            ≥33kg

stroke volume                              150ml                               350ml                  800ml

Resuscitator volume                     3400ml/250ml                  680ml                 1630ml

Dimensions (Length×diameter)      225×85mm         262×105mm          325×132mm

Resuscitator weight                      350g                  410g                    600g

Pressure limiting valve                 40cmH²O             40cmH²O             60cmH²O

Dead space (patient valve)            7ml                     7ml                   7ml

Inspiratory resistance                  5cmH²O (at50L/min)

Expiratory resistance                   5cmH²O (at50L/min)

Bag reservoir volume                  1600ml/600ml          1600ml              2000ml

Patient connector                       ISO   ∅22/15mm

Recommended Operating temperature     -18°C  ∼ +50°C

Storage                                              -40°C ∼ +60°C


Manual Resuscitator

ambu bag or bag valve it is a handheld tool that is used to deliver oxygen

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Manual Resuscitator


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