Oxygen Regulator Set VERTICAL

Oxygen Regulator it is a special device that regulate the flow of oxygen from portable oxygen cylinder of compressed oxygen gas or a liquid oxygen system to the oxygen tubing and nasal cannula or oxygen face mask used to breath in the oxygen.

It can be used to administer oxygen for first aid or oxygen uptake for the people who are in need of oxygen.

How to use:

Open the valve of oxygen cylinder then connect the screw nut of air intake closely;

Connect the oxygen pipe to the oxygen outlet firmly

Demount the humidifying cup (anticlockwise rotation) put some distilled water in (purified water or plain boiled water can also FUNCTION) the water quantity should be between the bottom and top tick mark then tighten up the bottle cap to the humidifying cup(clockwise rotation)

Rotate the flow regulating valve to the rate you need (anticlockwise to up, clockwise to down ,till to close) then put it to nose to use.

close the valve of oxygen cylinder firstly while not using then close the flow regulating valve until the pointer of oxygen manometer return to zer

KSh 9,000.00


Oxygen Regulator

It is a special device that is used to regulate the flow of oxygen from an oxygen cylinder

commonly known as oxygen conserving devics