Dental Unit

A Dental Unit

A necessary work tool of every dental professional consist of specific parts that include the dental chair, stool, lighting, hydric box, aspiration, cuspidor and element


It is the container that is placed next to the dental chair so you can rinse and salivate during the process cuspidor cup is made with porcelain

It is removable and autoclavable, we can add a tap which can be cleaned in a much simpler way

Aspirator system

Aspirator is a small tube used to suction the saliva that accumulates in the mouth or small particles of the cavity.

Both the aspiration system and the cuspidor are placed on the left of the chair in the case of right-handed and vice-versa if left-handed.


It serve to activate the rotation of the different instruments, example regulating the chair or activating the water of the water group

Instrument tray or table

It is used to hold all needed instruments for the dentist to work with.

Intraoral lighting lamp

It is a high intensity lamp that concentrates the entire beam of light inside the patient’s oral cavity to be able to work without any type of problem

A dental chair

It is designed to support a patient’s body when undergoing a dental procedure

The electrically operational chair comes with a water line, micro motor, compressed air and is retractable as per the dentist’s requirement’s during a procedure