Fetal Doppler

It is a test that uses sound waves to check your baby’s heartbeat.

It is a type of ultrasound that uses a handheld device to detect changes in movement that are translated as sound.

How early will a fetal doppler test work

An ultrasound machine can detect at 12 weeks whereas a fetal doppler takes place during your second trimester (13 to 28 weeks) of pregnancy.

How it Works

It is a type of ultrasound that uses sounds waves to detect fetal and placental sounds gets its name on how it works using the doppler effect.

It detects how waves of frequency change as the observer moves toward or away from the source of the sound doppler only produce sound not images.

It is made up of two parts; the probe and the main unit connected by a cord, the health worker will apply some gel on the end of the probe then the probe then the probe is moved around a pregnant person’s bare abdomen until it detects fetal sound.

Sounds are audible through the speaker on the main unit.

fetal heart tones fall between 110 and 160 beats per minutes

Heart tones changes in response to activity or contraction. It is very important to monitor the fetal heart tones during labour

An abnormal heart rate could indicate that the fetus is not getting enough oxygen.