Medical Laboratory Equipment

Medical Laboratory Equipments

The following are the list of medical lab equipment used mainly for diagnostic purposes in the medical field.

Microscope: It is used to magnify objects and it is mainly used for viewing cells and tissues to make them look larger. Thus it is possible to detect the presence of bacteria, virus and other infections in the blood sample. They are also used to study the sediments of urine to detect kidney problems.

Haematology Analyzer: this type of medical lab equipment is used for conducting blood tests using the blood samples. It is possible to come up with blood count and perform coagulation tests.

Urinalysis Analyzer: This medical lab equipment is mainly used for tracking illness due to the infections in the urinary tract.

Immunoassay Analyzer: This type of medical lab equipment is used for the diagnosis of various infectious diseases. Testing of cancer markers and cardiac analysis are also done with this device.

Medical Autoclave: This type of medical lab equipment is mainly used for sterilizing surgical and pharmaceutical items.

A Nurse Testing Blood Sample In Laboratory.

Common Laboratory Equipments

The following lists some of the common laboratory equipment mostly used in chemical and biochemistry labs.

Micropipette: It is special laboratory equipment which is mainly used for measuring liquids of smaller volume so that it can be transferred easily. The measurements are specified in the pipette. By this, it is possible to transfer a smaller quantity of liquid from one container to another.

Centrifuges: This type of lab equipment comes in various shapes and sizes. The equipment is capable of separating the non-soluble material from the available sample. Thus it is used for separating cells from a medium.

Magnetic Stirrers: This laboratory equipment serves as an automatic stirrer. A magnetic bead stirs the solution.

Water Bath: This laboratory equipment is used for transferring heat to a certain volume of liquid. It is used for maintaining the required temperature of the cell culture medium bottles.

Glasswares: This is the most essential lab equipment. Some of the types of glassware used in laboratories are beakers, flasks etc. They are used for transferring, storing and measuring liquids. Florence flask is a special type of glassware used for heating liquids.

Test Tubes: These are common lab equipment used for collecting various samples. It is also used for mixing and heating of certain chemical solutions.

Safety Precautions When Using Lab Equipments

  • Avoid direct contact with chemicals
  • Wear gloves and goggles to the contact of chemicals
  • Follow the correct procedures when performing tests using lab equipment.